Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I know it's been ages since I last posted, but as I've just started having my students blog in my intervention class, I've decided that I need to get back to keeping up with my personal blog.   Yes, and this is how I'm choosing to do it... the subject?  Vomit. 

Can I please just have ONE NIGHT when I don't have to deal with someone or something puking in my house?  Please?  Just one night?   If it's not the baby spewing excessive amount of rotten milk smelling spit up, it's the cat, or the dog, or most recently Cameron.   Now the Cameron thing is my fault.   I don't seem capable of learning this lesson:  Chocolate milk and alfredo do not mix well in Cam's belly.   I know this.  I've discovered this repeatedly, yet, foolishly, I always convince myself, "This time will be different!"  No.   It never is... What's really great about this magic combination, is that Cameron enjoys staring at himself in the mirror behind the toilet while hyperventilating, holding his stomach, and sobbing.   Looking at the mirror instead of downward is not conducive for accurate aiming of his regurgitated meal.  No.  Not at all.   

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