Sunday, September 18, 2011

Baths, Football, and Jealousy

Charlie seemed to love his "bath" tonight! We didn't get to fully submerge him yet because his circumcision is not yet complete,  but we got him in his little bathtub and poured warm water over most of him while Cam bathed in the big bathtub at his side.  It's the first time I've really seen Cam be jealous.   He started intentionally splashing so Derran and I would get wet while we dealt with Charlie.   He also claimed he had soap in his eyes and "cried" even though he didn't.   While I thought it was a good idea to bathe them at the same time so Charlie could benefit from the steamy warm bathroom, and we could watch Cam at the same time, I've decided we need to keep them separate.  Cam must relish his time playing with one of us as he bathes more than I thought he did.   
Charlie is now covered in Eucerin which will hopefully heal up his super dry skin and newborn rash.   The poor kid has peeling and flaking skin constantly.   Johnson & Johnson's does nothing for him, so we decided to stop being cheap and buy the good stuff.   I hope it helps.   I'm pretty sure we've burned through at least 16 diapers today, so what's another 8 bucks for lotion.  Babies are expensive. 

Aside from the bouts of jealousy, Cam's failure to listen to anything we say the first 5 times we say it, Cam speaking in a voice loud enough that his Uncle Nick can hear every word he says in DC all day long, and Cam's 45 trips to the potty because we allowed him to eat his weight in dried apricots on Saturday, it was a good weekend.  We spent Saturday with friends watching the CU vs CSU game and eating Carey's delicious food, and we spent today hanging out with Brent and my mom watching the Broncos.   Charlie woke up 5 times last night, so it was nice to have a very mellow weekend.   It's the first time since Cam was in a crib that he fell asleep before I left his room tonight, so maybe he didn't perceive the weekend as quite so mellow! 

It will be a bit busier of a week.   In fun news, Cam is Star Student this week, so we prepared his poster.   We let him do all of the writing.   I'm not sure this was the best decision as it's pretty much impossible to read, but he was quite proud.  I'll add a picture tomorrow.  I also need to do some serious grading and lesson planning this week.   Two weeks of a babymoon from work has been fantastic, but I'm going to have some serious regrets if I don't get on it, and my sub might hunt me down, too!  :D  

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